The BNP candidate for Mayor of London

For once in my life I felt wordless after seeing on TV, that the BNP candidate for Mayor of London was Carlos Cartigila.  I first realized by his name he was not indigenous to the UK.     He then started to speak and I realized he was most probably an immigrant to the UK.   That’s  all right with me I am happy who ever decides to run for Mayor, only if I feel they equally represent all the people’s of London.   A mixed race  BNP candidate, I was boggled and felt slightly confused.

Mr Cartigila is a well-educated man after coming to the UK in 1989 he worked for the BBC world service and the foreign and commonwealth office.   He is of both Spanish and Italian ancestry born in Uruguay.  The British Nationalist offered his services to fight against British forces during the Falklands war and now can add joining the BNP  to his list of achievements.

Carlos Cartigila has his own blog sit I may be visiting it soon to ask him a few questions, the first will be what was going through your mind when you decided to join the BNP?   Next I would like to ask him what exactly is your issue with immigrants?

Carlos wrote on his blog:

Look at the partition of Yugoslavia. What has been the argument about who owns Kosovo? This is bound to happen in Britain, especially because they [immigrants] have been building ghettos that usually have their own language, their own customs and their own values. One day, we might find ourselves having to decide who own Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and parts of London like Towers Hamlets and Barking and Dagenham or even London as a whole.

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I have put together a letter for Mr Cartigila:

Dear Carlos

I admire your somewhat stupid decision to join the BNP, you must be tired of living in the UK ,  if they are elected to government they surely will repatriate you back to Uruguay free of charge.

Thank you for making a mockery of us the British citizens that are descended from migrants to the UK.  Congratulation on becoming the poster boy for a far right nationalist party.

Please could you answer my questions:

I do hope you are aware that the BNP are a break off from the NF they have had links with the founding  of groups such as combat 18 who was responsible for the fire bombing of the freedom press in 1993 and the  Brixton hill nail bombing attack.

Did you know that far right groups in the UK have targeted persons who migrated from Italy and South America.

How is it you joined the BNP in 2001 but it was not until 2010 when the BNP changed its policy on non indigenous caucasian and non white persons joining your party after loosing a legal battle.

Do you consider Muslim Bosnians immigrants to the former nation of Yugoslavia.

The word Ghetto is of an Italian origin, and derives from the name of an island were Jewish people was made to live in the 16th century,

  •  A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.
  • An often walled quarter in a European city to which Jews were restricted beginning in the Middle Ages.
  • Something that resembles the restriction or isolation of a city ghetto: “trapped in ethnic or pink-collar managerial job ghetto’s
Do you realize ghettos are created by far right nationalists wishing to keep poor immigrants or ethnic minorities segregated from the indigenous white caucasian population not because their language, culture or customs drives them to do so.

Kind regards……

I would never consider joining a party or group, buy a tabloid paper such as the Sun or News of the World, be part of or put money into something that has a questionable history.

Because of my feelings I will never buy a Mercedes-Benz because of their use of Jewish slave labour in world war 2.

I will not bank with Lloyd’s because of their connection with the slave trade.

I try to be considerate when buying products, considering fair trade options ( as much as my income enables me to do so).  I wouldn’t buy goods or items that knowingly  promoted forced or slave labour.

This is because I have the choice today to choose and do the right thing, maybe its just me who can not comprehend why Carlos joined the BNP or allowed him self to be used by them in this way to the gain support of a wider audience.

The only reasoning I can give to this is that it is due to his own greed and personal ambitions, does Mr Cartigila have a conscience or any morals, I think not.

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One thought on “The BNP candidate for Mayor of London

  1. Mr Cartigila’s membership or rather alliance to the BNP just goes to show, the shambles the BNP are in. In 2011 when they had to change their racist party criteria, is when anyone ‘supposedly’ could become a BNP member – but this chap seems to have been a member since 2001 – strange and somewhat comical.

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